Dog Control

Dog control

The Acadian Peninsula Regional Service Commission (APRSC) was recently given the responsibility of the dog control service. This service includes, among other things, the enforcement of regulations and municipal by-laws, the picking of stray dogs and the custody of seized dogs. The service may vary by municipality due to the different regulations in effect. We encourage you to get familiar with the various provisions of the dog control regulations in your community.

You can also view and / or download the following documents to learn more about the Dog Control Service:

  • To obtain your dog’s tag, complete the form and or please visit your municipal office in person.

Note that the Regional Municipality of Tracadie offers its own dog control service. For more information, call 506-394-4020 or visit the municipality’s website.

Local Service Districts (DSLs) are served by the NBSP. For more information, call 1-877-722-1522 or visit the SPCA NB