Mission / Vision / Values


New Brunswick’s Regional Service Commissions are tasked with:

  • Ensuring or facilitating the delivery of required community services.
  • Facilitating voluntary service agreements between interested communities.
  • Serving as a forum for community collaboration on regional matters.

Mission / Vision / Values

The Commission’s mission is to facilitate service pooling and decision management at the regional and infraregional levels with a view to fostering efficient and high-quality decision-making.

The Commission seeks recognition for the quality of the services it provides to Acadian Peninsula residents and would like to become an essential partner in the development of regional projects.

The Commission seeks to promote and develop certain core values in its dealings with member localities, partners and residents, as well as within its own organization.

Local resident satisfaction
Elected officials and Commission employees take pride in their ability to listen to local residents and taxpayers, to whom they are accountable, and to meet their requirements (within reasonable limits) in keeping with the Commission’s stated mission.

This value is underpinned by dignity in dealings between elected officials, employees and local residents. It is also reflected by listening to what others have to say, seeking consensus and emphasizing the common good over individual interests.

With a view to ensuring transparency and sound decision-making, we provide high-quality and comprehensive information that is designed to be easily accessible and understandable. We also provide feedback on decision-making to all individuals concerned.

Our staff members care deeply about service quality. In addition to adhering to professional standards, they have mastered the essential skills they need to carry out their duties.

Team spirit
The Commission’s employees and members are actively involved in the success of our mission. Team spirit is reflected in mutual assistance, collaboration and solidarity between the team members and partners. Sharing of information is constant; each person plays an active part in discussions and contributes to the pursuit of common goals.

Our organization’s actions and decisions are guided by the values of honesty, justice and fairness.