Municipal regulations

Each municipality has its own zoning regulations and by-laws. Select your municipality using the map above or use the list below to consult the documents that apply to your situation.

List of Municipalities

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Provincial regulations

Visit the Government of New Brunswick website for information on provincial laws and regulations in effect.

  • Community Planning Act
  • Assessment and Planning Appeal Board Regulation (NB Reg. 84-59)
  • Barrier-Free Design Building Code Regulation (NB Reg. 2011-61)
  • Provincial Building Regulation (NB Reg. 81-126)
  • Provincial Building Regulation, 2002 (NB Reg. 2002-45)
  • Fees Regulation (NB Reg. 2009-31)
  • Provincial Subdivision Regulation (NB Reg. 80-159)
  • Provincial Setback Regulation (NB Reg. 84-292)
  • Provincial Mobile Home Parks and Sites Regulation (NB Reg. 84-291)
  • Designated Easements Regulation (NB Reg. 84-217)